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Social and Activity Groups

Everyone benefits from meeting other people and taking part in social activities and this includes carers. Shared activities and positive relationships also contribute to wellbeing and reduce loneliness and social isolation.

Below are some of the groups and sessions on offer at The Carers Centre which can provide some respite away from caring and offer opportunities to take time out for yourself.


Crafty Carers

Crafty Carers offers weekly sessions for carers to try out different crafts activities in a friendly and welcoming group

Information & Training

We offer a wide ranging programme of Information and Training sessions on topics that are relevant to carers. We work closely with partner organisations to ensure sessions have an expert approach.  

Together We Care Groups

At these groups, carers are able to get together with other carers, find out a wide range of information about caring, gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to get the services they need, learn new tips to look after their own well-being 

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