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By attending this group, carers can enjoy some time out to focus on themselves, their needs and take a break from caring.  Carers who have been to the group have told us it also helps their well-being and reduces their sense of isolation.  Craft activities the group do include things like watercolour painting, printing, bottle painting, macramé, card making, felting and book folding.

Crafty Carers learnt how to water colour paint 

Crafty Carers took part in a Found’ Art & Craft Workshop at New Walk Museum

Video clip of ‘Found’, a Tree of Lifestyle artwork for the World Craft Gallery at New Walk Museum  

Please visit our Crafty Carers Gallery by clicking the button below 

to see some more pictures of what this group has been doing.

If you wish to join Crafty Carers please click on the 'Contact Us' button below.

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