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Our Aims

The Carers Centre LeicesterShire and Rutland stated aims are to:

  • Enhance the quality of life of carers and their families
  • Empower carers to maximise their rights and entitlements
  • Raise public awareness of carers and their needs
  • Raise awareness of the value of carers and their contribution to society
  • Become a recognised centre of excellence

We work to fulfil these by providing a wide range of services and support for carers, working closely with local and national partners to ensure that carers have a dedicated place to turn to for the help and assistance they need.   


We recognise that caring affects every part of a carers life and can have a devastating negative impact on health, wellbeing, finance and future life outcomes.

We know that carers come from all communities and backgrounds, can be of any age and differs greatly for every individual depending on their circumstances.

We understand that carers will need different types of help and support as a caring role rarely stays the same, changing as time goes on and situations alter.

We believe that unpaid caring plays a vital role in our society with the contributions that carers make to our communities and country as a whole, are not fully recognised and valued.

We appreciate that caring can be a rewarding and valuable experience but that this is not possible for many carers without sufficient support for both themselves and the people they care for.

We care because you care. 

Our History

In 1991, nobody really knew much about carers. They knew carers existed, but they didn’t know what their lives were like, what they needed, what made them tick. So the local NHS and Leicestershire County Council funded a project to find out more, to be run by Voluntary Action Leicester. The project ran for three years and found that carers needed:

  • Advice and Information
  • Benefits help
  • A break from caring
  • Someone to speak up for, and with, them
  • Training

And all this in a sort of “One Stop Shop.”

And that’s how CLASP, (Carers of Leicestershire Advocacy Support Project) was born, starting with the same project team and setting up as a separate charity in 1995. The team worked throughout the City, County and Rutland and in 1996, CLASP joined the then Princess Royal Trust for Carers Network (now Carers Trust) to become a Carers Centre.

Since then we've gone on to provide direct support for over 12,000 local carers and have ran many successful projects and services that have helped carers across all areas of their caring roles and responsibilities.

30 years later and despite many changes and challenges, we are still here providing advice, information, support and respite information to hundreds of carers every year.

To see some of the photos and statistics that offer a snapshot of our work over the last 30 years please see our dedicated 30th Anniversary Page by clicking on the button below.    

Our Team

Our friendly and experienced staff team are here for you whenever you need support.

Many of us are family carers (past and present) and we all understand how difficult caring can be. We are here to listen to you and help whenever we can. 

To find out more about our Staff Team, please click on the 'Staff' button below.

Our Board of Trustees currently has 10 members, all of whom have experience of caring. The Board of Trustees provides strategic direction, decision making and ongoing support to the charity and it's team. 

For more information about our Board of Trustees, please click on the 'Trustees' button below.

We currently have a fabulous team of volunteers supporting the work we do as a charity. To find out more about volunteering and/or our team, please contact us via the 'Contact Us' button below.

How we are Funded

We are funded through short and longer term grants as well as donations from the local community.


We are always grateful of any financial support from both individuals and organisations. Raising funds to enable us to continue our much needed work is an essential part of what we do. The Carers Centre relies on the ongoing support of those within our local communities and we appreciate every pound raised whether this is through a marathon run, craft sale, raffle, or even a sponsored back wax (this really did happen!).


To learn more about how you or your business can support our fundraising, please see our Community Fundraising page on the 'Donations' button or the 'Contact Us' button both of which are below.


Our current funders logos are shown below and we thank them for their ongoing support. 

We could not do what we do, without them.

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The Carers Centre LeicesterShire and Rutland’s policies are being updated but are available if you contact us by completing the form on our contact page. However you can find our Privacy, Personally Provided Information, Cookies and our Links to Other Sites policies on the policies button below.

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