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What our carers are saying

Just want to say a big thank you, to you all for your hard work and valuable support. At all times but especially during this lockdown period.

My knowledge has grown greatly and has made a positive impact to my parenting. The group meetings I have joined showed me how to deal with my son’s behaviour and it’s a big part of the strategies I use with him now.

Not many services offer as much the carers centre and the community need the carers centre to continue doing its great work and reaching far and wide across its area zones to continue to help carers feel less isolated, help them with their physical, mental and emotional well-being and continuing to gain knowledge that helps their caring roles and understand their rights as carers. Thank you.

The range of topics in the group has been absolutely great. The way the groups are run lets everyone take on board what they need to know. This works better than going into a ​session just to listen. At the Together We Care group, everyone listens to me and I think it’s great that you have set an environment where everyone is listened to.

You’re truly making a difference.

You have been very supportive, when I was down, drained, you need that compassion, that sense of belonging, when you don’t have it at home anymore. It shows that there’s CARE. Having that platform, is a good idea, because carers get forgotten. Sometimes, just because we care, people don’t think we need care too.

If you would like to know more about The Carers Centre Leicestershire & Rutland or you would like to send us some information about your experience please use the 'Contact Us' button below.  Thank you 

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