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What’s Your Role at The Carers Centre?


I am a Carer Wellbeing Worker working part time flexible hours.

My role includes delivering a comprehensive programme of Carer Wellbeing and Self Advocacy sessions and, supporting and training for carers to develop their own skills and knowledge.

How did you get involved with The Carers Centre?

I first got involved with The Carers Centre through their partnership work with Loughborough Wellbeing Centre (LWC) where I work as a freelance Arts for Health and Wellbeing Creative Practitioner, which means I develop and deliver creative projects that help individuals improve and maintain their wellbeing through creativity. 

I soon began running craft sessions for the Carers Centre including at the Together We Care group in Loughborough and the online Crafty Carers group. These sessions led to my learning more about the organisation and how vital their help has been to Carers. So when the part-time Wellbeing role became available I applied, and here we are today.

I recently completed my PhD at Loughborough University (2015-2020) where I looked into the wellbeing benefits of textile crafting for men experiencing vulnerabilities, and I have been running arts for health projects with diverse communities for 8 years and counting. 

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