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What is your role?

I am the Senior Carer Support / NHS Information Worker.

How did you get involved?

I started off back in the 90s as a Volunteer worker for the Organization. I became an employee when a part time admin position opened up a few years later. This then lead to a full time position. I have been working for the Organisation since February 2008. 

We have disabilities within the family as my niece has Angelman’s Syndrome, she is now in her 20s.  I also support my mother who has Alzheimer's Dementia, although now in a Care Home I am registered as her main advocate and continue to support her.  I have 2 grandchildren who are mild Autism, ADHD and have severe behaviour issues, they both attend a special school in Norfolk. The Organisation has given the family much support over the years. I continue to enjoy supporting all carers who come through us for help. 

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