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Creative Writing

Our Creative Writing group was launched following a carer in the group talking about some of the poems she had written and had published and how she used it as a way to escape from the reality of caring for family members

Cares Receiving Poems Written  by Other Carers - Poetry Pharmacy

Jo Bostock from BBC Leicester Interviews Staff and Carers  

March 2022

Our Staff and carers were delighted to talk to Jo Bostock from BBC Radio Leicester on her Sunday Breakfast show about our new Poetry Pharmacy - a model in which carers ‘prescribe’ poems to other unpaid carers to alleviate emotional distress and provide comfort and increase their sense of wellbeing.

To listen to this interview please click on the 'Poetry Pharmacy Interview Button' below.

Poetry Pharmacy by William Sieghart

February 2022

We were delighted to welcome William Sieghart renowned publisher of The Poetry Pharmacy, founder of National Poetry Day to our Creative Writing Group. 

William explained the origins of ‘prescribing poetry’  which you can listen to on the 'listen' button and shared his ‘prescriptions’ for a local carer balancing working and caring following a bereavement which are below.

Creative writing to celebrate Carers Rights Day

Members of The Creative Writing Group and Crafty Carers Group got together to 'prescribe' poems for other carers.

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