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Christopher Hill

What’s Your Role at The Carers Centre?

Trustee - Treasurer

How did you get involved with The Carers Centre?

Former carer for my dad, and former trustee who has continued to see the impact on carers through more family members becoming carers themselves. This is why I’ve come back to the carers centre.

What do you do for The Carers Centre?

Support the senior management in their budget and finance roles so the carers centre is around for years to come.

Where needed support the wider team and stakeholders build the name of the carers centre in Leicestershire in the day to day work they do.


Family breaks and holidays; I’ve been lucky to see how valuable breaks are, and again I had the chance to get respite whilst a carer – I understand how difficult it can be to get breaks as a carer.

Sport – cricket, I still play and have set-up a walking cricket project which hopefully older carers may be interested in. This provides a link to a sporting passion of my dad and has been passed down the generations to my own children.

I am interested in how small organisations, charities, businesses, and local groups can get opportunities as they are best placed to support the local community and economy.

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