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Respite & Short Breaks Directory

Do you need time off (respite) from caring?

Do you need to find suitable replacement care? 

Welcome to our Respite Directory Support Service which has information and advice to help you find the best services for the person you care for. This includes children, young people and adults of all ages. The Directory has different sections including advice on how to choose and fund care as well as various local organisations who provide respite care and longer term options.

Please note:

The Respite Directory is still undergoing development and we will be adding more sections and services soon. If you have any suggestions about information you would like to see in the Directory, please do contact us via the Contact Us Button at the bottom of the page.

The services/support are listed as categories, please scroll down to see all :

  • Residential Homes 
  • Day Services
  • Home Respite Care Schemes / Domiciliary Care – Including Care Attendants, Befriending or Sitting / Live In Services
  • Supported Living
  • Short Breaks For All Disabilities 
  • Holidays Catering To Those With Disabilities

We have provided a basic summary explaining each of these categories but we do reccomend that you first take some time to read the information below which gives tips and advice about how to choose the respite care provider you need.  

If you would like further support with using the Directory or need advice about choosing and funding for respite, please contact our us via the Contact Us button below.

Adult Care and Support Services Directory 

If you need support and live in the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland areas, click on the button below for your essential guide to choosing and paying for care and support services. 

Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Adult Care and Support Services Directory 2022

Dementia Care Respite Support Services Directory

A practical guide to living with dementia in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland areas, click on the button below for the range of information provided in accessing support services.

Leicester,Leicestershire and Rutland Dementia Friendly Directory 2022

Choosing a Personal Assistant:

We all want to be able to find reliable personal assistants that we can trust to help the person we care for live their lives as independently a possible.

Below are some organisations that have more information

Choosing a Care Agency/Provider Advice:

We know it is important to have the right information and advice when you are choosing a health or social care provider for a loved one. 

Below are some organisations that have more information

Choosing a Care Home:

Choosing a care home is an important decision and one that no-one takes lightly.

Organisations that have advice and information on how to choose a care home

Financial Support Services:

Many are struggling with the cost of living and need any extra support. This is for vulnerable people experiencing financial hardship.

Leicester benefits-and-support community-support-grant

Choosing Meals Services:

Many can not get out to shop or leave their loved ones and need help with daily meals. The list is of services that deliver free to your door. 

Medical Equipment Services:

The service is provided to residents on behalf of Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council, Rutland County Council and the NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups for Leicester City, East Leicestershire and Rutland and West Leicestershire.

CHC Healthcare - Care Home Select

Our coordinators find CQC (Care Quality Commission) registered home carers and care home availability in your area. Our service is provided at no charge to patients and families and we gather information from a network of over 3,000 care homes and providers across the UK.

CHC Healthcare in Care Home Selecting

Residential Homes

These are homes that cover permanent residential stays or short break respite stays normally after a hospital visit or for any other reasons, to give the person time to recuperate before returning home.

Day Services

These cover a range of support through Day Centres and Drop In Clubs/ Support Groups, to give carers respite once a week, five days a week or for a few hours a day each week. These can be aimed at specific groups of people who have Physical or Mental Health conditions. Some are aimed at specific groups of people with age or ethnic backgrounds.

Home Respite Care Schemes / Domiciliary Care – Including Care Attendants, Befriending or Sitting / Live In Services

This is when a Service is paid to come and care for the person still living at home. They provide a service to meet the persons assessed individual needs. Often taking over the responsibilities of the carer, to enable them to have a short break from their day to day caring roles. This can include – getting the individual up in the mornings, going to bed, shopping and cleaning, medication administering or taking to appointments or just spending some quality time with the individual.

Supported Living

This gives the individual a choice as to where they would like to live and / or who with, along with how they would like to receive that support. This can depend on the housing availability. It can be accessed through the Council and Private Housing, to enable individuals to live close to family networks. This is an alternative to residential care.

Social Activity Groups

The Carers Centre offers a range of social groups with many other local organisations providing groups for either just carers and/or and the person you are caring for. The Carers Centre activities are for carers and ex carers only, offering respite and a break from caring. Other organisations may focus on a particular condition, age or disability and are held both online and in person. 

Short Breaks For All Disabilities

This is a range of information to help carers take a break. The Short Breaks Section is designed as a central reference point for both the carers and professionals working with carers, showing them what services are available in Leicester City.  

Holidays Catering To Those With Disabilities

A range of holidays both in the UK and Abroad that cater to those with any disabilities.  

The Respite Directory has been divided into sections which you can access by clicking on any of the 'More Info' buttons below.

Residential and 

Nursing Home

More Info

Care Agencies and Recruitment Agencies 

More Info

Home Care, Respite  Befriending, Sitting or Live-in Service

More Info

Day Centre, Social Activities, Support Services

More Info

Carer and Support Organisations 

More Info

Holidays Catering For Those With Disabilities 

More Info

PLEASE NOTE: The Directory has been designed to help carers with or without technical devices. We have made every effort to check the information is correct at the time and will continue to update this with any changes. The Carers Centre cannot accept any liability for errors or omissions.

We cannot personally recommend any individual services advertised; this is just general information for you to have at hand to contact the organisations or accommodations for more information or to check the website links provided.

We welcome any comments you have regarding this directory and how it can be improved which you can do by using the 'Contact Us' button below. Also please use the same button to let us know if any of the buttons do not work. Thank you.  

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