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Money & Benefits

We know how hard it can be when caring and also having to cope with difficult financial situations. So below you may find some information that may be of help to you

Benefits Calculators

These can be used to find out what benefits you are entitled to claim. In the last year over 2 million calculations have been made by people, like you, looking for information they deserve and need.

The Government website recommends using an independent benefits calculator to find out:

  • what benefits you could get
  • how to claim
  • how your benefits will be affected if you start work

These are free to use, anonymous, and have replaced the Benefits Adviser service.

For more information on Benefit Calculations please click the 'Learn More' button below.

Carers Credits

Carer’s Credit is available to those who provide care for one or more disabled person(s) for a total of 20 hours or more each week, who are not working and do not currently receive Carer’s Allowance.

If you are getting Carer’s Allowance, you will automatically be getting Carer’s Credits.

The credit will help to protect your National Insurance record and make sure there are no gaps caused due to your caring responsibilities so that your state pension is not affected.

To find out more about Carers Credit and or to find out if you may be entitized to Cares Credit please click on the button below.

Carers Allowance

Carer’s Allowance is a benefit for people who are giving regular and substantial care to disabled people. Carer’s Allowance is a taxable benefit and forms part of your taxable income.

Attendance Allowance

Attendance Allowance is money for people aged pension age or over who have care needs. You may have care needs if you need help with activities of daily living, such as getting dressed, going to the toilet or having someone to look after you so you do not hurt yourself.

Disability Living Allowance 

This is for children may help with the extra costs of looking after a child who:

is under 16 and has difficulties walking or needs much more looking after than a child of the same age who does not have a disability.

Personal Independent Payments

This is money for people who have extra care needs or mobility needs (difficulty getting around) as a result of a disability. PIP has replaced Disability Living Allowance for people aged 16 or over, but under state pension age.

Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support (also known as Council Tax Reduction) is a benefit to help people who are on a low income or claiming certain benefits to pay their Council Tax bill.

Discretionary Housing Payments

This is a payment you may receive at the discretion of your local authority which can help towards housing costs. You can only get it if you are entitled to Housing Benefit or the Housing Costs element of Universal Credit.

Claiming benefits if you live, move or travel abroad

If you are moving abroad, permanently or temporarily, or you’re returning to the UK, you will need to check how this will affect any benefits you’re claiming. 

Whether you will still qualify for benefits will depend on where you are going and for how long you are staying, or where you are returning from.

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