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Kirsteen McVeigh

What’s Your Role at The Carers Centre?

Chief Executive Officer

How did you get involved with The Carers Centre?

I have been working in areas such as family support, community education and social care for over 25 years  and began working at The Carers Centre in 2016 in the role of GP Partnership Worker.

Since starting at The Carers Centre, I've taken on a variety of different pieces of development and funding work which led directly to my current role, which I began when Charles, our previous much loved Manager, began his well earned retirement.

Being in a leadership role at our small charity, a 'normal' day can involve anything from answering the helpline, to working with our Board of Trustees, keeping our finances on track, compiling reports, attending partnership meetings, developing new opportunities and being there to support our amazing team of staff, trustees, and volunteers. It’s certainly a varied job and keeps me on my toes with no two days the same.

Part of my role is to source and apply for funding to help us to sustain our charity and develop new projects for carers. It’s an uphill struggle to keep finding the funding we need and gets more challenging every year, but all the hard work is worth it when I hear feedback from carers about how The Carers Centre helps them with the hardest role of all.

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