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What’s Your Role at The Carers Centre?

My role at the Carers Centre is making sure that Carers voices are being heard from a mental health perspective. I enjoy meeting Carers who attend our groups and have previously enjoyed learning from you so that our Trustee Board understands where you our Carers are speaking from your lived experience.

How did you get involved with The Carers Centre?

I attended the support groups as well as crafting and loved the staff as well as the other Carers I met. I felt a community of connections and knew I had found a good place in addition to caring for my family that I believe that I could make a difference. I saw the Carers Centre looking for Trustees and thought I want to do this. After speaking with staff who supported me I decided I would try.  Years later I know I'm making a difference in Carers lives for the better so much so that I wanted to do another term because I love the Carers Centre very much.

What do you do for The Carers Centre?

I support advertising our activities schedule through various social media platforms and very much enjoy conversing with Carers whose first language isn't English. English isn't my first language and I speak Gujarati, Hindi/Urdu so can converse with our Indian/Pakistani Carers thus making our personalised support from a place of understanding & non judgement. Pre-Covid I did some outreach work and used to attend many events supporting the Carers Centre.


I love meeting new people, learning, music & dance. I love Crafting with Nadine & love to laugh.

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