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Advocacy Support Groups

What is Advocacy?

There can be confusion about the word advocacy. At The Carers Centre we define advocacy very simply. We believe that advocacy is about helping people get their views heard.


The advocacy provided by The Carers Centre is of a self-advocacy nature and aims to help carers build their own skills and knowledge in order to effectively speak up or 'advocate' for themselves and on behalf of those they care for.

We offer self-advocacy and support groups known as the 'Together We Care' Groups. At these groups, carers are able to get together with other carers, find out a wide range of information about caring, gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to get the services they need, learn new tips to look after their own well-being

How do I join a group?

Please use the 'Contact Us' button below and complete the form below.  All carers are welcome.

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