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Fundraising - why we need you to keep going

So that we can offer services that statutory bodies do not support, we rely hugely on fundraising. We have a waiting list of carers seeking support we cannot give without additional funds.
You can make a huge difference to people struggling to cope with the effects of caring for disabled or ill loved-ones. 'I had no help or anyone to talk to or turn to. I was at my wit's end. It was the lowest point of my life until I contacted The Carers Centre.'

How you can help:
  • Become a volunteer fundraiser. We need help to run events so please come and join in - it's fun.
  • Organise an event with your friends or family. It could simply be a meal or a party where you ask for donations.
  • Why not ask friends to sponsor you to achieve a lifetime's ambition such as completing a marathon, skydiving or abseiling?
  • Leave a gift in your will.

    Is the work of The Carers Centre close to your heart?  We fully recognise your loved ones come first and making a Will is never easy but we hope you would consider leaving a gift, no matter how small, to help secure the future of The Carers Centre for others. It's important to get good advice before writing a will.

    If you are considering including a gift to our charity we would like to say 'Thank you'.

  • Ask to be added to our events list, this way you will automatically be invited to future fundraising events.
  • Make a donation using our new interactive donation page by clicking donate 
  • Join us at one of our fabulous fundraising events
  • Organise a Carers Cuppa coffee morning!
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