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Care Act 2014 Becomes Law

The Care Act officially became law on 1st April 2015.

It simplifies social care law by bringing it all together under one Act of Parliament and increases carers' rights to assessments and services.

Carers must be given an assessment unless they refuse one

Carers must be offered services to help them if they are eligible and there is no other way to support them.

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Care Act 2014

When the Care Act 2014 came into being on 1st April this year, certain provisions were held back, to be enacted in April next year. Those provisions were based around the 'care cap' - a financial limit on how much someone will pay for their care before the local authority must take responsibility - and the increased threshold at which an individual must pay for their own care. The current limit is 23,000: this was due to increase to 123,000 on April 1st next year, and was a key manifesto commitment prior to the recent General Election.

The government has now said that this will be too costly to implement, and that therefore they will delay the enactment of this part of the Care Act until April 1st 2020: just before the next General Election. http://www.communitycare.co.uk/2015/07/17/government-shelves-care-act-funding-reforms-2020/?cmpid=NLC|SCSC|SCDDB-2015-0720

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The Care Act officially became law on 1st April 2015.It simplifies social care law by bringing it... read more
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